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Meliora Earth

Here at Meliora, we don't just believe in the pursuit of better for individuals, but also for our home - our planet. We believe that small changes add up to big impacts and we are committed to ethical and sustainable business practices and products. By making conscious, mindful choices we can all make a difference and ultimately do more with less, not just less 'things' but less impact on everything around us - from single use plastics to carbon emissions and biodegradable materials. 

We will always be pursuing better for our planet and hope to continue increasing our positive impact on our customers, our surroundings and the future of our planet. Some of our current practices are outlined below, we're always learning and looking for opportunities to do things better.


When you place an order with Meliora, your products will arrive in 100% biodegradable and recyclable packaging, from the tape on the outside to the packing peanuts within. We are still working with some of our suppliers to ensure that the packaging inside the product boxes is as eco-friendly as possible and sometimes we will reuse this packaging rather than send it straight to landfill.

Our Meliora branded packaging sleeves are currently fixed with hot melt glue, which is a solvent free adhesive and is compostable. Some of our product sleeves may also be fixed with plastic-free clear tape - this tape is produced from 100% natural plant based materials and is fully biodegradable in composting plants. We are looking for a fully biodegradable alternative which does not require composting in a commercial plant.

Meliora Products

Our own products are manufactured with sustainable materials with ethical manufacturing processes. Full details of materials are available on each product page, but we choose environmentally kind or recycled wherever possible.

The environmentally unkind materials we avoid include: PVC, formamide, BPA and synthetic latex.

Meliora Office

Here at our HQ we're also taking steps to be kind to our planet.

  • We are powered with 100% renewable electricity
  • Our office is paperless as far as possible
  • We monitor our online storage and actively archive expired documents to local storage
  • We package as tight as we can - your order will always be delivered in the smallest box possible (subject to stock)
  • We limit our business travel, including our post office runs (currently twice per week)


Meliora are proud to work with My Carbon Plan to offset our carbon impact and to date, we have offset 10 tonnes of carbon emissions through tree planting in the Lake District.

We are registered as a member of the UK Carbon Association and committed to provide net-zero products as well as enabling our customers to reduce their carbon impact.

We have a simple commitment - the more products we sell, the more we want to give back to our local communities and the planet as a whole. We'll keep you updated through our blog and social media with our latest initiatives.