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Meliora Wellness

Meliora is not a word we use every day but it is one of our favourites! Meliora is a Latin word, meaning 'the pursuit of better' something I think we all strive for every day. 

Throughout the past couple of years especially, we've been thinking a lot about how we can make things 'better' - from our home office set up and daily commute, all the way to, importantly, our physical and mental health and wellness.

For us, wellbeing isn't just the absence of problems, it's reaching a level where we can be in the moment, reaching our potential and ultimately feeling happy and at peace. 

There are many different approaches to wellbeing and lots of different ways of breaking wellbeing down into the different facets of our lives, we'll talk more about some of these in the blog & reference pages. For now, we'll just say wellbeing incorporates our whole self - the us that goes out to work, the us that laughs with friends, the us that just needs 5 minutes peace, the us that has a chronic pain issue and the us who holds it all together.

Meliora Wellness was formed to help support you on your journey to a 'better', happier you by providing great quality products, which are not only kind to you but also to our environment. We know how overwhelming it can be to find equipment and accessories to support new habits, without accepting exposure to potentially harmful materials and we want to make that easy!

Our mission is to provide sustainably sourced and manufactured products that give great performance and remain accessible to everyone. We believe there's something to help all of us to achieve 'better' - whatever that means in your life and we're so excited to support you finding yours.

We love hearing about your experiences and new practices to try, and we're always busy working on new products and ranges to add to our collections. If there's something you love we haven't covered, please get in touch & inspire us!