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Heart Himalayan Salt Soap


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The Heart shaped Himalayan Salt Soap is made with 100% natural pink Himalayan salt, which has natural antibacterial properties and is a chemical-free alternative to other soaps. Himalayan salt has many reported health benefits including; improved sleep quality, improved respiratory disease, balanced body pH, reduced signs of aging, regulated blood sugar and increased libido. The salt continuously releases negative ions into your living space, which is commonly found in open spaces like the beach and mountain ranges. These ions can react with the positive ions often released by modern gadgets and can help boost your mood and energy levels as well as helping with a good nights sleep.

This soap is perfect for exfoliating body and feet or for use as a natural deodrant. Wrap in a soft cloth if using soap on sensitive skin.

Care Instructions

Store in a cool dry place, do not store in direct sunlight. This is a natural product so colour and shape can vary.

The Stats

Contains – Himalayan rock salt

Approximate Size: 65 x 70 x 35 mm

Approximate Weight: 175g

Packaging: This item is packaged by a third party and is wrapped in plastic to ensure the products arrives in great condition.