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Wellbeing in the time of COVID

Wellbeing in the time of COVID

The coronavirus has undoubtably impacted many of the traditional wellness and self-care routines that up until a year and a half ago we had all taken for granted.

Shared exercise spaces such as gyms have had to close their doors. Relaxing vacations and getaways we had been planned were no longer possible, our social lives have been disrupted, we have not been able to spend the quality time with family we longed for, and for many of us our homes changed from our private restorative retreat where we relaxed after work, to our place of work.

The global pandemic certainly has had a profound and damaging effect on our wellness, but what it has also done is highlight the undeniable importance of physical and mental health and paved the way for fresh discussions as to how we can approach our physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing in a new era.

For many of us this is taking the form of a more holistic approach to our overall wellbeing with the focus not only being on what makes us happy and healthy, but to how we can benefit our communities and ultimately our planet.

There is a growing awareness that fulfilling our individual responsibility to help other people, becoming more eco-friendly and helping make a net positive impact to the world are key steps on the pathway to our own happiness.

Originally practised as a form of healing, yoga is one of the world’s oldest known physical disciplines and can be traced back over 5000 years. Today yoga is more popular than ever with an estimated 300 million people participating in over 100 different styles.

If you are passionate about yoga already you have probably experienced some of the benefits first-hand, but for those yet to embark on their yoga journey there is thankfully an ever-increasing accumulation of research that supports many of the improvements seen both physically and mentally.

  • Practising yoga on a regular basis increases your immune system
  • Just 15 minutes of yoga every day changes the brains chemistry and boosts mood
  • Yoga significantly decreases anxiety levels
  • Daily practice improves posture and can alleviate back pain

Meliora combines a passion for yoga, providing a range of quality mats and blocks designed in the UK with an eco-friendly ethos and company culture. We aim to use sustainable and environmentally friendly manufacturing with fully recyclable packaging on all our branded products. In addition, we have selected ‘My Carbon Plan’ as our carbon offset partner. Through this partnership we are planting short rotation coppice willow at Grizebeck in the Lake District.

We are delighted to have also partnered with a number of other local businesses with similar ecological philosophies to provide an exclusive range of supporting wellness products including meditation aids, home scents and accessories.

We have already started to form an amazing community of like-minded followers through our social media and are incredibly excited to see the positive comments and support. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please get in touch either in the comments below or through your preferred social platform.



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